Computer full form list | 200+ full form list

Computer full form list | 200+ Computer related full form list | Full form list of computer -

Computer full form list 

Computer full form list | 200+ full form list  Full Forms Sabhi Competition Exam Me Aksar Puche Jate Hain Jise hum Acronym ya Abbreviation Ke naam se jante hain Jisme computer related Full Forms To har jagah upyogi hai aur samanya jeevn me bhi To niche di gyi list me se ap computer related Full Forms ko tiyar kar sakte hai 
Computer Ki Full Form List

Computer full form list |
Computer full form list 

1. DNS : Domain Name System

2. ROM: Read Only Memory

3. RAM: Random Access Memory

4. CU :Control Unit

5. MU: Memory Unit

6. FD: Floppy Disk

7. HD: Hard Disk

8. CPU: Central Processing Unit

9. ALU :Arithmetic Logical Unit

10. SU: System Unit

11. VDU :Visual Display Unit

12. COMPUTER: Calculate Operate Memory Print Update Tabulate Edit Response

13. LAN :Local Area Network

14. WAN: Wide Area Network

15. CUI: Character User Interface

16. GUI :Graphical User Inter Face

17. DTP: Desktop Publishing

18. ATM: Automatic Teller Machine

19. WWW: Wide Area Network

20. UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply

21. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

22. LED :Light Emitting Diode

23. HTML :Hyper Text Markup Language

24. NDP:Network Directory Service

25. HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

26. MAN :Metropolitan Area Network

27. FTP :File Transfer Protocol

28. KB: Kilo Byte

29. MB :Mega Byte

30. GB :Giga Byte

31. TB: Tera Byte

32. ICMP :Internet Control Message Protocol

33. TCP :Transmission Control Protocol

34. UDP :User Data Protocol

35. ARP :Address Resolution Protocol

36. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

37. ISP: Internet Service Provider

38. E mail: Electronic Mail

39. OSI: Open System Interface

40. UUCP :Unit To Unit Copy Protocol

41. WB Web Browser

42. OMWS :Open Market Web Server

43. MODEM: Modulator/Demodulator

44. DUN :Dial Up Networking

45. DVD :Digital Versatile Disk

46. INTERNET :International Network

47. IE :Internet Explorer

48. NOS :Network Operating System

49. QBASIC :Quick Beginner All Purpose Symbolic Instruction \

50. LOGO:  Logic Oriented Graphical Orientation

51. DOS :Disk Operating System

52. CD RC Compact Disk Recordable

53. CD RC Compact Disk Recordable

54. CD RW Compact Disk Re Writable

55. CD RW :Compact Disk Re Writable

56. ENIAC:  Electronic Numerical Integrater And Calculator

57. EDVAC:  Electronic Discrate Variable Automatic Calculator

58. KIPS :Knowledge Information Processing System

59. RESPECT :`Respectfully Everybody Sharing Prosperity Equal Citizen Thinking

60. VSNL :Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

61. BSNL:  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

62. LLL :Low Level Language

63. HLL:  High Level Language

64. ISDN :Integrated Service Digital Network

65. EDUCATION :Energetic Devotion Understanding Curiosity Artful Trust Intelligence Obeying Nation

66. PTO :Please Turn Over

67. CGA Color Graphic Adapter

68. FT Formula Translation

69.  COBOL:  Common Business Oriented Language

70. FM :Frequency Modulation

71.  PM :Preface Modulation

72.BGL :Base Grade Lines

73.  ICU Intensive Care Unit

74. CGD:  Computer Generated Data

75. FAX:  Facsimile Xmission

76. AB :Address Busses

77. DB :Dat Busses

78. CB :Control Busses

79. UEBF:  User Executable Batch File

80. OD :Optical Disk

81. LAR:  Lower Arror Rate

82. MT :Magnetic Tabe

83. DLL:  Data Link Layer

84. NL :Network Layer

85. TL :Transport Layer

86. PL :Presentation Layer

87. AL :Application Layer

88. TPC:  Twisted Pair Cable

89. CC :Coaxial Cable

90. FOC:  Fibre Optical Cable

91. MT :Microwabe Transmission

92. ISO :International Standard Organization

93. DTM:  Data Transmission Mode

94. CMC :Computer Maintenance Corporation

95. ARPANET:  Advance Research Project Agency Network

96. FCT :Fully Connected Topology

97. LAS :Letter Addressing System

98. NAS :Number Addressing System

99. DNS :Domain Number System

100. EPS :Electronic Portal System

101. PIC :Provides Internet Connection

102. ASCII:  American Standard Code For Information Interchange

103. EDC :Electronic Digital Circuit

104. DLG :Digital Logic Gate

105. LOS :Linux Operating System

106. POS :Portable Operating System

107. MOS:  Multiuser Operating System

108. CLI :Command Line Interface

109. FSC :File Search Command

110. SDF :Sequential Data File

111. RDF :Random Data File

112. FOM :File Opening Mode

113. BIAG:  Binary Arithmetic And Logic Gates

114. BPS :Bits Per Second

115. PBE:Private Branch Exchange

116. RHL:  Red Hat Linux

117. DSS :Data Stored Sequentially

118. IRTF :Internet Research Task Force

119. IETE:  Internet Engineering Task Force

120. IAB :Internet Architecture Bard

121. WAIS:  Wide Area Interconnection Server

122. POP :Post Office Protocol

123. ICMP :Internet Control Message Protocol

124. RARP :Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

125. UDPP:  User Data Program Protocol

126. COP :Connection Oriented Protocol

127. SLIP – Serial Line Internet Protocol

128. PPA :Point To Point Account

129. FDMA :File Division Multiple Access

130. TDMA :Time Division Multiple Access

131. FIDMA – Frequency Time Division Multiple Access

132. VSAT:  Very Small Aperture Terminal

133. MES :Master Earth Station

134. ICA :Information Communication Address

135. PAML :Publically Accessible Mailing List

136. MLSE :Mailing List Search Engine

137. XNS:  Xerox Network System

138. RIP :Routing Information Protocol

139. PEX :Packet Exchange Protocol

140. SPP :Sequenced Packet Protocol

141. CSA :Client Server Protocol

142. OMSWS:  Open Market Secure Web Service

143. NES :Netscape Enterprise Screen

144. NFS :Netscape Fastrack Server

145. NCS :Netscape Communication Server

146. MIIS :Microsoft Internet Information Service

147. CGI :Convert Graphic Imager

148. NNFG:  Netscape Navigator Gold

149. IRT :Internet Retrieval Tool

150. CD :Change Directory

151. NR :Non Return To Zero

152. CC :Communication Channel

153. NVT :Network Virtual Terminal

154. UCS :Universal Character Set

155. WPD:  Word Processing Document

156. NSF :National Science Foundation

157. SSE :Simple Search Engine

158. HTR :Hyper Text Resource

159. SGML:  Standard Generation Markup Language

160. GML :General Markup Language

161. RDBMS:  Relational Database Management System

162. RMU :Restoring Memory Variable

163. PCF :Program Command File

164. UCV :Unrecognized Command Verb

165. DTM :Data Type Mismatch

166. AWD :Activate Window Debug

167. MDF:  Multiple Data File

168. SQL:  Structured Query Language

169. CFC :Common Function Code

170. UDF :User Defined Function

171. DBO :Data Base Query

172. PROM :Programmable Read Only Memory

173. EPROM :Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

174. EEPROM:  Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

175. TPC :Twisted Pair Cable

176. CM :Communication Mode

177. STB :shielded twisted pair

178. UTP :Unshielded Twisted Pair

179. CAC :Co Axial Cable

180. BBCC: – Broad Band Coaxial Cable

181. SCAT:  Shielded Communication Television Antenna

182. FOC:  Fiber Optic Cable

183. RM :Reference Model

184. VFT:  Voice Frequency Telegraphy

185. EDI :Electronic Data Interchange

186. VCDLC:  Voice Cum Data Line Card

187. BPS :Bits Per Second

188. NREN :National Research And Education Network

189. VERONICA:  Very Easy Radnt Oriented Network Index To Computer

190. GIAS:  Gateway Internet Access Service

191. BNS :Binary Number System

192. DNS :Decimal Number System

193. CDR :Character Data Representation

194. EBCDIC:  Extended Binary Coded Decimal In Change Code

195. BLG :Basic Logic Gates

196. KDE :Kids Data Error

197. KDE :Kdesktop Environment

198. FML :File Management In Linux

199. WCC :Wild Card Character

200. :LEM Line Editing Mode

201.:  User Defined Function

202. SDF :Sequential Data Files

203. RDF :Random Data File

204. LLIO :Low Level Input Output

205. HLIO :High Level Input Output

206. MSVB:  Microsoft Visual Basic

207. IN :Information Network

208. CP :Communication Protocol

209. CS :Communication Software

210. CT :Communication Terminal

211. PDC:  Packet Switching Controller

212. RD :Remove Directly

213. MDI :Multi Document Interface

214. SDI :Single Document Interface

215. BCPL:  Basic Combined Programming Language

216. OLE :Object Linking And Embedding

217. BCS :Bar Code Scanner

218. HHD :Hand – Held Terminal

219. OCRD:  Optical Character Recognition Device

220. DPI :Dots Per Inch

221. UVL :Ultra Violet Light

222. LCL :Lower Case Letters

223. UCL :Upper Case Letters

224. ONS :Octal Number System

225. HDNS :Hexadecimal Number System

226. BBCC:  British Broad Casting Channel

227. CID :Criminal Investigation Corporation

228. BCD :Binary Code Decimal

229. VGC :Video Graphic Card

230. DIC :Disc Interface Card

231. SPPL :Special Purpose Programming Language

232. MOD :Magneto Optical Driver

233. COMF:  Computer Output Microfilm

234. BLO :Binary Large Object

235. PROM :Programmable Read only Memory

236. DMCA :Digital Millennium Copyright Act

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